Syllapsis is a game development studio started in May 2018. We aim to create innovative, sometimes serious games that reinvent old genres and tropes. But don't hold us to that, because that bar is pretty high.

Our moniker is taken from an obscure, under-referenced concept originating in Heraclitus—who was himself renowned for his obscurity, even being given the title "Heraclitus the Obscure" (he was also known as "the weeping philosopher," so don't get your hopes up). Syllapsis, not to be confused with syllepsis, is the godly process or act of analysis and synthesis at the same time; in analysis, the whole is derived from the one, and as synthesis the one is derived from the whole. We think that gaming, and game creation, is the closest a mere mortal can get to achieving a state of syllapsis, at least artificially; and it helps that games (which take place in the agon) exemplify an eternal struggle, which is in line with the overarching premise of Heraclitean philosophy.


We don't believe in people. We only believe in the Eternal Fire, which swallows us whole and births us again at once.

But if we did in fact believe in people, we would probably list a few here. And yes, we will probably do that one day in the future,on a spontaneous syllaptic whim. All that you really need to know can easily be found by a cursory search through the Gestapo's documents, but long story short: until our first game is released, we won't be telling you who we are. Check our blog for updates on that front.


Ya' wanna talk? Well, we don't. Not yet. Sorrynotsorry.